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Ring Toss Game A Great Year Round Activity

Monday, July 14, 2014
posted by Wilma

ring toss gameFortunately kids are easy to please when it comes to games for their birthday parties.  Parents feel much rewarded knowing they made their child’s party the best and planned the best party games.  The ring toss set is a game for kids parties that everyone loves and is a classic game with a unique twist!  This beautiful ring toss set is crafted from wood and painted with bright colors.  This colorful and durable ring toss set is great year round, indoor or outdoor for hours of open ended fun.

The ring toss set is one of those games for kids birthday parties that everyone seems to love.  This is because every participant is a winner.  The ring toss set allows kids to enjoy the challenge of throwing rings onto colorful pegs. It helps improve hand-eye coordination and counting skills through scoring. To toss the rings onto pegs is a great way to improve concentration and attention span for all ages.  Individual child or teams can play this ring toss game inside or outside the house with all of their friends.


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Play Cube

Saturday, July 12, 2014
posted by Wilma

play cubeMake playtime a learning time for kids!  Toys keep children busy for hours and they will consider certain household items to be playthings.  Toys help develop cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity as well as develop physical and mental skills.  Anatex is the manufacturer of Anatex toys which are well known for their quality and education.  These toys are not just ordinary toys, they are fun educational toys for children.

Different kinds of educational toys are manufactured by Anatex.  They have waiting room panels, magnetic maze, and rollercoaster toys.  There are great activity tables to set up in a child’s playroom or doctor’s waiting room.  Kids are kept entertained for hours while learning patterns, colors, shapes, math and physics.  Among the wide choices of Anatex toys, the rollercoaster bead maze was the famous one awarded as Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Winner.  With an Anatex play cube placed in play rooms or bedrooms, happiness and education are both achieved!


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Maze Puzzles Promote Cognitive Development In Children

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
posted by Wilma

maze puzzlesPuzzle solving activities start at a very early age and continue as children mature. Solving a jigsaw puzzle will spark an interest in other types of problem solving tasks such as crosswords or word puzzles. A jigsaw puzzle provides entertainment and promotes the cognitive development of children of all ages. These skills are important in many other areas of the child’s life. As kids get older, solving puzzle games will help develop analytical skills, communication, logic and attention to details.

Puzzle solving improves a child’s problem solving and reasoning skills.  While solving a jigsaw puzzle the child is repeatedly presented with a problem of how to make a particular piece fit into the overall puzzle.  Being successful in solving this problem can give a child the confidence to attempt more challenging puzzles.  An example of the cognitive benefit of puzzles is the Parrot Wall Panel which boasts adorable artwork of a squawking parrot perched on top of the highly educational Learn the Alphabet.  Kids will learn their ABC’s as they play with this and other maze puzzles which are available with animal themes, numbers and more.

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Maze Games Provide A Time Of Fun And Development

Monday, July 7, 2014
posted by Wilma

maze gamesPreschool toys are designed for toddlers old enough to start learning basics like colors, numbers and letters.  Bright colors and bold patterns get the attention of kids and bulky designs are easy for them to manipulate.  Games such as puzzles and magnetic maze games are great for developing problem solving skills and turn taking.  They are designed for eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills as well.

Developmental toys entice and nourish a toddler’s developing brain and personality.  Many toys encourage fine motor skills, which are needed for developing small muscles of the fingers and hands to aid the child in handwriting, art, tying shoes and dressing himself. These skills encourage independence and self confidence.  Roller Coaster bead and wire maze toys encourage cooperative play with other children.  They will all benefit when their play time with magnetic maze games is a time of fun and development for them.



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Magnetic Travel USA Map

Friday, July 4, 2014
posted by Wilma

magnetic travel USA mapWouldn’t it be nice if your child could learn geography in a fun and interesting way?  Children learn from parents, relatives and friends about the local geography where they live, and when school starts, the world gets bigger.  Children will be drilled and tested on states, their capitals and locations or regions on a map once they reach a certain grade level in school.

A unique way for kids to travel and learn the 50 states is offered by the magnetic travel USA map.  This is a sensory adventure toy and perfect for lobbies and waiting rooms.  As children try out different routes across the country their visual tracking and fine motor skills are challenged while promoting eye-hand coordination.  Kids use the magnetic wands to move the colored balls around the state borders to get from one destination to another.  This impressive magnetic travel USA map is enjoyed in singular play as well as group play.







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Magnetic Train Mazes Develop Fine Motor Skills

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
posted by Wilma

magnetic train mazesKeeping up with a toddler’s energy and needs is a full time job as children of this age are curious to learn from all they come into contact with.  There are educational toys to nourish a toddler’s developing brain and personality.  Children need to safely explore and discover new things because they learn by testing and touching things.  Children at this age develop a sense of self, wanting to keep their toys around them.  Their favorite word is “mine” at this point!

Toddlers enjoy toys that have wheels and compartments.  They love to put their toys in the cargo areas and pull them around wherever they go.  They are old enough to start learning basics like colors, numbers and letters.  Bright colors and bold patterns get the attention of the child.  Many of these toys encourage fine motor skills such as activity tables which require pushing, pulling, twisting and manipulating.  Train tables, magnetic activity tables, and “roller coaster” bead and wire maze toys are also great for developing fine motor skills and encouraging cooperative play with other children.  Magnetic train mazes are great for teaching turn taking and problem solving in preschool games.


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Magnetic Mazes

Monday, June 30, 2014
posted by Wilma

magnetic mazesMagnetic maze toys are ideal for children who have passed their third birthday up through preschool age.  Essentially these maze toys use a magnetic pointer to let a child pick up a small metal ball and guide it around the track.  This will encourage toddlers to think critically and to question why the world works the way it does.  Magnetic maze toys are a great place to start to teach a child fine motor control and patience.

Maze toys and manipulative mazes help a child with his hand-eye coordination and will increase his ability to use fine motor control and visual tracking.  In addition, this is a toy that can be played with alone or in company with other children.  Becoming more patient and more goal-oriented will serve a child well as he enters school.   Because of their quiet design and comfortable size, magnetic mazes serve as an ideal travel toy.

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Magnetic Bug Set

Friday, June 27, 2014
posted by Wilma

magnetic bug setKids love being outdoors enjoying nature and they learn about their environment and the interesting bugs and “creepy crawlers” in their yards.  Kids of all ages love magnets. The magnetic bug life is an excellent tool to help the young field scientist identify the insects or specimens they see around them.  Watch them endlessly entertained moving around ladybugs, spiders, bees, ants, scorpions, flies, and worms with the magnetic wands.

Little boys love bugs!  And kids love moving around the bugs and critters in the Magnetic Sand Bug Life Table! Bugs come to life as kids identify the insects or specimens they see around them. A true magnetic learning experience that also promotes hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and logical thinking skills. It combines play-based learning, fun, and nature – without those pesky bug bites! This magnetic bug set is great for waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, classrooms and even the home.

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Magnet Toy

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
posted by Wilma

magnet toyPlaytime can become a little easier for doctors and parents alike with magnetic maze toys. The kids are going to have so much fun they won’t realize that they’re building visual tracking and hand-eye coordination skills as they play. Magnetic toys can make a wonderful addition to any waiting area or play room.  Kids love playing with magnets and there are some amazing tables and wall panel toys that will keep up to four children playing at a time.  Toys that encourage group play are great for anyone trying to encourage sharing.

There are some great handheld magnetic mazes that can travel anywhere you’d like to go. Mazes come with all kinds of great themes like adventures under the sea, a day at the farm, or a puzzle for train lovers.  The Magnetic Turtle Maze brings lots of smiles and keeps kids entertained! Based on the award-winning Magnet Express, it promotes eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and fine motor skills. With the attached magnetic wand, children guide the balls through the paths in the turtle’s shell. This adorable magnet toy provides endless play and is great for the home, schools and waiting rooms.


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Learning Toys

Monday, June 23, 2014
posted by Wilma

learning toysFor toddlers, every toy is a learning toy. Babies and toddlers are still learning basic ideas about the world. Toys that keep their attention will help them learn important skills that lead to good motor skills, hand eye coordination, math and reading. Today’s educational toys help toddlers have fun at the same time they are learning and they enhance the development of a young child.

The best place to find educational toys is online. Simple stacking toys, like building blocks test the mental ability of the child. Jigsaw puzzles and word puzzles help develop mental ability and vocabulary skills. Painting and drawing help children be more creative. Certain toys also help physical development in children. Children express themselves with art supplies, such as crayons, markers, and construction paper. There are great tools for education found in learning toys.

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